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Founder, CEO, and head trainer Minky Kim poses, smiling, with their pointer finger and thumb pressed together in the foreground of the image. Their knuckle tattoos read "STAY."

“A queer and trans-affirming gym changed my relationship to fitness entirely!"

Why Join Han Training?


Queer & Trans Affirming Community


Approachable Gym Experience


Personalized Attention


Movement as a Tool for Liberation

Queer & Trans Affirming Community

People of all genders, sexualities, identities, and expressions deserve a fitness facility and community where they can be their full selves. We believe that all bodies and all people deserve to find joy, resilience, and healing in movement and rediscover a lasting relationship with their bodies that focuses on strength, connection, and intention.​ 

Approachable Weight Lifting

Most of our members are either new to weightlifting or new to going to a gym entirely. We adamantly believe in serving our community by upholding queer/trans/gender-affirming, fat liberated, physically accessible, financially accessible, trauma-informed, judgment-free, and informative coaching to help our members reach their goals with intention in their choice of movement, and in every moment of stillness

Personalized Attention

Small group classes are our bread and butter. With a maximum class size of just 3 people, you get the specialized attention of personal training and the comradery of a group class all in one.

Movement as a Tool for Liberation

Liberation for fat, skinny, thick, thin, curvy, lean, round, square, stocky, slender, tall, short, big, small, and all other bodies. Working out is different from embodied movement. Embodiment is the act of returning to Self and listening to your body. As you listen to your body, you learn to trust yourself again. Along the way, as you liberate yourself, you can liberate others, too.

If Han Training is just the place for you, join today!

What is han?

A Deep and Powerful Fury

The concept of han originates from Korea - it is said to be an inherent sense of rage and anguish that is essential to the Korean identity and a result of the forced occupation, oppression, and colonization of the Korean people by various nations around them. ​

Though the term 'han' may be specific to the Korean identity, this deep and powerful fury in the face of imperialism and white supremacy is something that resonates with many marginalized communities. It is a part of what unites us and allows us to better empathize and understand each other, so that we may forge unbreakable and fierce bonds that can overcome the systemic injustices of our world.​​​​

Founder, CEO, and head trainer Minky Kim stands, smiling, in front of the Han logo sign with their hands on their head, flexing their muscles.

"Han is a feeling of unresolved resentment against injustices suffered, a sense of helplessness because of the overwhelming odds against one, a feeling of acute pain in one's guts and bowels, making the whole body writhe and squirm, and an obstinate urge to take revenge and to right the wrong."  


Suh Nam-Dong (서남동)

minjung theologist

what folks are sayin'

a (she/her) + m (he/him)

M and I had our first session with Minky in early 2020. While we didn’t know exactly what we wanted out of training, we knew we wanted and needed a different orientation to our health and well-being. M came along for the ride, at first a little unsure about what to expect, but quickly we both felt safe and cared for in a kind of context (working out at a Gym) where typically relation and respect are not always prioritized.

Minky immediately made us feel at home and excited about learning to tap in to our strength. They opened up a world of possibility for both of us to grow and heal from entrenched shame, illegibility, and confusion about our physical selves, toward strength and confidence and celebration!

Minky always knows when we need to be cheered on, OR when we’re slacking and need to be pushed harder. We feel wholly supported and expertly guided during our sessions. Of course, part of our learning is about undoing that old shame, and moving toward acceptance— and indulgence!— in what we can do with our bodies.

To only say that we feel stronger now, having worked with Minky for over a year, feels like an understatement. What we’ve also found is space to feel safe in learning, in practicing, in grunting and sweating and laughing. We love what Minky has taught us and the community they have warmly invited us in to.

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