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how do i sign up?

- go to home page

- hit 'join the family'

- fill out our consult form

- wait for an email from us on how to sign up!

i've never done any kind of fitness before - is this for me?


in fact, we mostly serve folks who have never been to a gym because of the lack of safe spaces - this is a place of learning and community, and all levels are welcome and celebrated

Each session is 30 min long and has a max capacity of 3 members per session.

Every session is accessible to all levels - we will always meet you where you're at!

what does a session look like?

not quite!

though we are similarly influenced by a variety of training practices, our strength training is focused a touch more on slow, controlled form and less focused on speed or max reps under time

is this crossfit?

we are huge advocates for accessibility and offer the following options upon request:


- sliding scale

- service trades

- sponsorship (limited)

i really want to train with you, but my budget is tight!
i am a cis, het, thin, able-bodied, financially privileged, and/or white ally - am i still allowed to join?


though our training centers marginalized communities, our space is for everyone to share and meant to be a place of growth and community building.

we recognize the value of our allies and welcome y'all with open arms


virtual sessions are created to be done at home without gym equipment - however, if you have equipment, please bring those in case you want to explore with them

do i need anything for virtual sessions?

we recommend the following:

- water bottle

- gym shoes

- change of clothes

- snack!

what should i bring to class?

warrior mode is personalized programming (4 or 8 weeks) based on your goals.

this is separate from a membership and does not include one on one time with a trainer

to fill out a warrior mode form, please email us

what is warrior mode and how do i sign up?
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