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Do you do one-on-one personal training?

At this time we do not do 1:1 personal training. However, this may be a possibility in the near future!

Small group classes are 3 max, so whether you’re on your own or in a full class, you’ll be receiving a fair amount of individualized guidance.

What is your training focused on?

Intention, with the goal of building awareness of the body and how it takes up space.
Form, with the understanding that "good form" will look different in each person.
Our training consists of slower, controlled movements with a focus on deepening range of motion, building strength, and maintaining mobility.
You. The overall hope is to bring autonomy, sustainability, and understanding to our bodies!
Regardless of what class you’re taking, it is your body that we are working with and the work of the trainer to help you navigate how movement works for you.

What should I bring to class?

Nothing is required, but here are some recommendations:

  • Athletic wear

  • Gym shoes - shoes are also optional at the gym at your own risk

  • Water bottle

  • Change of clothes

  • Easy to eat snacks (i.e. bars)

What Do I need for virtual sessions?

Nothing extra needed - virtual is designed to be easily accessible for anyone at home.

What does a session look like?

30 min sessions (Strength/Pump)

  • No warm-up/cool-down to maximize our time

  • Typically consists of 4-5 movements total

  • Muscle group focus based on class

Specialty (Mobility, FAAFO)

  • Catered to the class members

1 hr sessions (Powerlifting)

  • Warm-up included, due to intensity of sport

  • Programming varies but primary goal is to improve specific lift

I'm cis, het, thin, able-bodied, financially privileged, and/or white. am i still allowed to join?

Yes! All we ask is that you:

  • Be respectful
  • Know your place

  • Do your own research

  • Engage in community!

I’m a beginner. What classes should I take?

For strength-focused goals:
Multi i: full body and/or mobility weekly
Multi ii: full body 1 week, upper + lower next
Multi iii: upper/lower weekly
Multi iv: upper/lower/mobility weekly

For routine building:
Start w 1-2x a week (class + open gym)
Once that feels comfortable and if you so desire, increase to 2 or 2-3x a week. So on so forth until you hit the routine you feel works for you. Too much too soon and you risk injury, burnout, etc, then consequently - you may stop going altogether.


Infrequent or inconsistent workouts will not benefit any long term goals, but if you’re focused on 1 day at a time, then just remember that any movement is better than none!

Rest days are important - particularly early on in your journey. Take 1-2 rest days between sessions, then gradually every 2 days, and so on so forth. It is possible to work out 6 days a week, but for most folks I recommend 4-5.

How do I sign up?

Follow the instructions here.

I really want to train with you, but my budget is tight!

General Tips

  • Focus on form over range, and range over increasing weight and tempo.

  • Do NOT rush. Even when using fluid tempo or dynamic tempo, the movement should feel controlled at every point of its range. Lifting is not a race - going faster MIGHT make it end faster, but this measly ‘benefit’ hardly outweighs: the risk for injury, risk for developing poor form, overall reduced speed in actual progress.

  • Take moments to reset (mentally and physically) at the ‘top’ of your movement.

  • Always inform your trainer about any hard and/or soft limitations you might have (that day or in general) - trainers will meet you where you’re at.

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