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noopur (he/him)

I remember growing up seeing people I wish I looked like; which was the beginning of my gender journey without me even knowing it. People with broad shoulders, bulky thighs, and grounded confidence in their skin. I could see that because I wanted and maybe even needed it so badly. I swear I tried everything; which escalated my disordered eating struggles and hate for myself. This is kinda how it was until I met Minky in August 2020; it’s wild really that this one human changed my whole life and how I perceive myself.


They focused on working WITH my body not against it. They meet me where my body is at, because there’s no expectation beyond focusing on form. I remember thinking “when’re we gonna do more workouts?” because form was prioritized so deeply. I’m so grateful though - this is the way I began connecting to my body, listening to it, and knowing what it’s’ communicating to me. My body feels stable, grounded. I can carry myself confidently, with my chest out and head up. I am the person that I envied when I was younger; which clicked so recently.


There is so much more I can say about how Han Training & Minky (Liftyboi) has changed my entire perception on life and my abilities. I am forever grateful and blessed to also be their friend. I continue to become stronger, physically yes. But, also mentally.


I’m happy in my fat body.

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