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a (she/her)

m (he/him)

M and I had our first session with Minky in early 2020. While we didn’t know exactly what we wanted out of training, we knew we wanted and needed a different orientation to our health and well-being. M came along for the ride, at first a little unsure about what to expect, but quickly we both felt safe and cared for in a kind of context (working out at a Gym) where typically relation and respect are not always prioritized.

Minky immediately made us feel at home and excited about learning to tap in to our strength. They opened up a world of possibility for both of us to grow and heal from entrenched shame, illegibility, and confusion about our physical selves, toward strength and confidence and celebration!

Minky always knows when we need to be cheered on, OR when we’re slacking and need to be pushed harder. We feel wholly supported and expertly guided during our sessions. Of course, part of our learning is about undoing that old shame, and moving toward acceptance— and indulgence!— in what we can do with our bodies.

To only say that we feel stronger now, having worked with Minky for over a year, feels like an understatement. What we’ve also found is space to feel safe in learning, in practicing, in grunting and sweating and laughing. We love what Minky has taught us and the community they have warmly invited us in to.

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