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We could've just opened up a regular gym, but where's the fun in that?


At Han Training, we believe that all bodies and all people deserve to find joy, resilience, and healing in movement and rediscover a lasting relationship with their bodies that focuses on strength, connection, and intention.​


We adamantly believe in serving our community by upholding queer/trans/gender-affirming, fat liberated, physically/financially accessible, trauma-informed, judgement-free and informative coaching to help our members reach their goals.​


what is han?

the team



minky kim

ceo + head trainer

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Minky is a Korean, queer, non-binary, neurodivergent, transmasculine athlete, movement activist, storyteller, performer, sex work advocate, and fat-liberated personal trainer. 


They founded Han Training after being disappointed in the lack of inclusive and accessible fitness trainers/spaces that align with the progressive and radical dismantling of white supremacy, queer/transphobia, fatphobia, ableism, and classism.

They are fully committed to providing as much knowledge and information as they can to their members so as to help others continue to build a connection with their bodies in a way that prioritizes the relationship between mind and body and encourages trust in oneself.



parker haines

associate trainer

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Parker identifies as a Black/Filipino/Chinese/BlackFoot Indian Queer, Trans Masc, Activist, Dog Lover, Artist, and Yogi. 


Parker is a trained boxer, Certified Yoga teacher, Certified Group Fitness Instructor, and is currently working towards their Personal Trainer Certification. 


Finding healing through yoga (breath and movement), Parker's goals have always been to share experience, space, and knowledge  with their Queer Community, especially the Trans Community. 


"Navigating work out spaces can be hard as a Trans/Non-binary person. We should have access to these spaces just like anyone else. We should see people that look like us as Trainers, Teachers, and Students. In Yoga, we create a Sankalpa. an intention. My Sankalpa is to create spaces where Trans/Non-Binary humans can fully show up as themselves, take up space, and feel seen and heard while doing it." 


tobias rodriguez

associate trainer

Outside of lifting, Tobias loves to cuddle his cat, Mister Wizard, while watching trashy reality tv. 


After years of CrossFit and now dipping his toes into powerlifting, Tobias is excited to share his love of fitness with such an awesome queer and POC community.


He is always excited to meet all the wonderful people who contribute to Han’s strength and beauty. 




kam yates

client operations manager

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Kam is a queer trans wannabe athlete from Missouri, and moved to Chicago to study film and video editing.

They had been looking for an affirming place to try out movement and fitness for many years and found Han Training through a mutual friend. He was too shy to try out exercising, so when an interview subject was needed for a school project he reached out to Minky, and ever since then he hasn't left.


Kam’s favorite class is mobility and they are beginning to develop a positive relationship with their body. 

“I tried out lots of sports growing up, but since they made me feel dysphoric and bored I always quit. It has been lovely and healing to have a nonjudgmental space to work through the harsh feelings that being queer can bring up. I am thankful to be in community with people who bring out the beauty of being queer.”



meg shackelford

business operations manager

A former traveling ESL teacher and current grant coordinator for a housing-first non-profit, Meg spends her free time harassing her cat, eating good food with friends, and occasionally lifting heavy things up and putting them down.


She's never considered herself a gym person, but love for the body-positive space of Han Training has led to a passion for helping connect others to the Han Training community dream.


She is happy to serve as interim events coordinator and looks forward to meeting more of the HT member family in the future!

the han training team

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