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about us

We could've just opened up a regular gym, but where's the fun in that?


At Han Training, we believe that all bodies and all people deserve to find joy, resilience, and healing in movement and rediscover a lasting relationship with their bodies that focuses on strength, connection, and intention.

We adamantly believe in serving our communities by upholding queer/trans/gender-affirming, fat liberated, physically/financially accessible, trauma-informed, judgement-free and informative coaching to help our members reach their goals.

curious about the meaning of han?

our values


for all abilities, capacities, and any range of financial means


in your choice of movement, and in every moment of stillness


for fat, skinny, thick, thin, curvy, lean, round, square, stocky, slender, tall, short, big, small, and all other bodies


of all genders, sexualities, identities, and expressions

the team

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Minky "LiftyBoi" Kim

founder + head trainer

  • Instagram

Minky is a Korean, queer, non-binary transmasculine athlete, activist, storyteller, and personal trainer. 


They founded Han Training after being disappointed in the lack of inclusive and accessible fitness trainers/spaces that align with the progressive and radical dismantling of white supremacy, queer/transphobia, fatphobia, ableism, and classism.

They are fully committed to providing as much information as they can to their members so as to help others continue to build a connection with their bodies in a way that prioritizes the relationship between mind and body and encourages trust in oneself.


- ACE-Certified Personal Trainer

- Precision Nutrition 1 Certified (PN1)

- CPR/AED certified

Fitness Experience + Training Style Influences:

- powerlifting

- bodybuilding

- calisthenics

- yoga 

- bouldering

- martial arts 

sam profile_edited.jpg


Sam Kochanek

operations manager + assistant trainer

  • Instagram

Sam is a queer, nonbinary transmasculine personal trainer (in training) in Chicago, IL.


Sam first encountered Han Training (formerly LiftyBoi Training) in 2020 through Minky’s instagram and community presence. In the fall of 2021, Sam connected with Minky to begin working as a part of the staff. In May 2022, they received their certification as a personal trainer, and will soon be a regular trainer at the gym.

Fitness and movement have been integral parts of Sam’s entire life; they’ve found gender euphoria, community, and joy in connecting with their body through training. Sam is wholeheartedly committed to creating a fitness space and community that centers marginalized folks and aims to dismantle intersecting forms of oppression affecting our communities. 


When not working out, Sam loves to watch the Great British Bake Off, hang by the lake, and spend time with their toothless cat. They are energetic, passionate, and excited to help expand the invaluable community resource that is Han Training.


  • ​NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Fitness Experience + Training Style Influences:

  • powerlifting (2 years)

  • bodybuilding (4 years)

  • team sports (a LOT of years)

Meech Henriquez

CRM Manager



  • Instagram

Meech is a latinx, queer, nonbinary goofball.


They are passionate about queer community, liberation for all marginalized groups, and the concept of radical joy. They have often been intimidated by workout spaces that are dominated by cis/het white men; so they were thrilled to encounter Han Training, a truly inclusive workout space for people of all colors, identities, sexualities, abilities, etc.


Meech's hobbies include caring for their many beloved plants, throwing a frisbee, sunbathing, and more recently- rollerblading. 


Meech conversationally speaks Spanish, probably at the level of a child, but can communicate nonetheless.


Bridget Miles

admin assistant


  • Instagram

Bridget is a queer, Hispanic woman who would absolutely not claim to be a "gym person". Han Training changed that by being an incredibly welcoming, non-judgmental, safe place to be. Bridget hopes to continue to help make the space feel that way for everyone.

When she's not being the loudest person at the gym, Bridget loves playing ultimate frisbee, swimming at the lake, and trying to find the best dessert places in Chicago.

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