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Our Scholarship Program

Han is proud to offer a sliding-scale scholarship as a tool for economic justice. If you'd like to read more on the sliding scale as a tool for economic justice, read here

We hope you understand that we cannot accept every scholarship application (though we'd love to get there one day). We will prioritize QTPOC folks, especially for our highest scholarship level.


At this time, we do not offer a scholarship for our highest membership tier (tier 3).

How do I know if I qualify?


Step 1

Apply to our scholarship!

You must have an existing account on GloFox (instructions on how to register are here) with a card on file for us to proceed with your request. Then you can apply for a scholarship by filling out this form.

Step 2

Processing your application

Once your application is submitted, we will review your application. We hope to get back to you within 3-5 business days.


Step 3


We will notify you if your application is accepted or declined. Please understand that we are limited by our finances but we will try to accept as many as we can. If your application is accepted and this is your first membership, please note that there is a one-time joining fee of $25 in addition to your monthly charge.

Step 4

Enjoy the gym!

Congrats! Enjoy the gym. We do not require income validation of any kind, as it is not within our values to question the honesty of our community.

Every quarter we may send a financial update form as a check-in on your status to see if you'd like to continue or free up funds for another recipient.


Apply for a Scholarship

If you identify with the half-full or empty green bottles, you may apply!

UPDATE: at this time you can apply but will be added to the waitlist. If funds open up, we'll reach out to you!


Q: Do I need to prove or validate my income?

A: No, we do not require income validation of any kind, as it is not within our values to question the honesty of our community.


Q: How do I know if I'm qualified to apply for a scholarship?

A: Using the Green Bottle image above can help you assess if you qualify and for which level you qualify. If you generally identify with the left full bottle, please do not apply for our scholarship. If you identify with the half-full or empty bottle, you qualify to apply.


Q: How do you determine who gets accepted into the scholarship program?

A: We hope to accept as many scholarship applications as we can afford for those who do not have the means to afford a membership. Though all queer and trans folks are welcome to apply for any scholarship level, priority will be given to QTPOC folks for the high discount.


Q: Are there any qualifications or conditions I need to maintain to keep the scholarship?

A: Generally speaking, no. However, If we notice that you are barely using your class credits, we will consider passing along your scholarship to the next recipient on the waitlist. 

Q: What if down the line, my financial circumstances change and I need to request an increase or decrease in my scholarship level?

A: You can fill out the same application form again!


What if I no longer need the scholarship at all?

A: email ops@hantrainingchicago.com to let us know and we will free up some funds for someone on the waitlist!

Q: What if I notice I'm not going to the gym enough to warrant a membership entirely, but I still want to financially support the gym?

A: We'd recommend you cancel your membership by filling out this separate form. And then you can donate to our GoFundMe. Thank you!

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