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Our Classes

We offer a variety of classes that serve different purposes: strength, pump, power, and mobility.

Our most up-to-date class schedule is found on the Glofox app which is where you book your classes once you have a membership.


If you'd like to focus on getting stronger, we offer strength classes that target the full body, upper body, and lower body. Strength classes focus on form, postural strength, and your personal strength

We offer 3 strength classes (30 minutes):

  1. Full body

  2. Upper body

  3. Lower body



If you'd like to focus on muscle growth (i.e. hypertrophy), a pump class may be for you! Pump workouts are all about targeting one muscle group to get lots of blood pumping to them. It's great for working on the aesthetics of a muscle group. 

We offer 2 pump classes that target the upper body and lower body (30 minutes):

  1. Welcome to the Gun Show (arms and shoulders)

  2. Club Booty (butt and legs)



If you'd like to build explosive strength (heavy weight, low reps), consider a powerlifting class. Often the goal is to find your “one rep max” weight and push to increase it. Powerlifting classes are an hour long to account for warm-up and accessory training.

We offer 3 powerlifting classes (1 hour):

  1. Bench

  2. Squat

  3. Deadlift



Our mobility class (30 minutes) focuses on the body’s range of motion and overall postural health. A great deal of strength training goes into improving mobility!

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