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Join Today

Follow these steps and you'll be well on your way to joining our beautiful community!

If you have any questions, reach out to helpdesk@hantrainingchicago.com 

Purchase a membership: Download the Glofox mobile app on iOS or Android

Glofox is our scheduling and membership management app that our members use to:

  • access the schedule

  • purchase memberships/passes

  • sign up for classes and open gym sessions



  1. Download Glofox from your app store

  2. Search for 'Han Training Chicago'

  3. Register

  4. Optional: If you're hesitant and have questions, schedule a consultation

  5. If you are seeking a scholarship, please apply for the scholarship AFTER you've created a Glofox account but do NOT purchase a membership. Fill out this form. 

  6. Purchase a membership (if you are applying for a scholarship, do not purchase; we will take care of this on the back end).

  7. Tip: turn push notifications on to receive alerts about any possible schedule changes


Get Access to the Gym: Download the Kisi mobile app on iOS or Android


  1. Download Kisi from your app store.

  2. Search for ‘Han Training’

  3. Log in using your Glofox credentials

  4. When you arrive, you can utilize the NFC tap or open KISI and hit 'unlock'


Book your first class or open gym session!

In the Glofox app:

  1. Click "Classes"

  2. Look through the schedule. See what classes are offered each day.

  3. Select the class/open gym slot you'd like

  4. Click "Book"

  5. Option, but helpful: Click "Add to Calendar"! You will also get a reminder email the day before your class/open gym session

  6. When you get to your first class, it's okay if you're shy, but we promise we're all friendly! Typically at the beginning of each class, the trainer will introduce everyone. But if you're feeling bold, don't hesitate to introduce yourself and tell the people around you that you're new. You can also ask the staff to initiate introductions.

  7. Have funnn!


Consider coming to Open House (3rd Sunday of the month)

Open House is every 3rd Sunday of the month and it's for new, prospective, and existing members! It's free and open to all, you can bring a friend if you'd like!

Here we can: 

  • conduct walkthroughs

  • answer questions on getting started at the gym

  • provide membership consultations

  • observe classes in session

  • show you how to use a piece of equipment

  • help you with your goals (setting goals, planning, etc)


Invite a friend!

You get 1 free guest pass a month! Bring someone you think would love our space. 

Have your friend:

  1. Download Glofox from your app store

  2. Search for 'Han Training Chicago'

  3. Register

Then you should email helpdesk@hantrainingchicago.com and let us know the email address their account is under! We will add 1 class credit to their account. And now you two can sign up for a class of your choosing together :)

If one day your friend purchases a membership and mentions your name when signing up, you can get a discount on a future billing cycle!

Our refer-a-friend promotion

25% off 1 month's fees

Have your friend mention your name in person or by email during the onboarding process. 

After they complete their first month, the discount will be applied to your account for the following month.

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