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kam yates (he/they)

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client experience & marketing coordinator

Kam is a queer trans wannabe athlete from Missouri. He moved to Chicago to study film and video editing.

They had been looking for an affirming place to try out movement and fitness for many years and found Han Training through a mutual friend. He was too shy to try out a class, so he reached out to Minky to help with a school project. Since then he has become a prominent member of this community.


Kam’s favorite class is mobility and they are beginning to develop a positive relationship with their body. 

“I tried out lots of sports growing up, but since they made me feel dysphoric and bored I always quit. It has been lovely and healing to have a nonjudgmental space to work through the harsh feelings that being queer can bring up. I am thankful to be in community with people who bring out the beauty of being queer.”

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