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Global Strike Week (Jan 21-28 2024)

Han Training will be standing in solidarity with the people of Palestine by joining the global strike taking place from the 21st to the 28th. The strike calls for all people of good conscious to disrupt the economies that support genocide and to call for an immediate and permanent ceasefire.

Since we are unable to close our doors, we will be disrupting our normal schedule to make space for communing and taking collective action towards an immediate ceasefire. Our power comes from small acts of being in community and by taking collective action, so we want to do our part to empower our community to keep fighting.

We hope you will join us as we implement the following initiatives throughout this week in hopes to facilitate both of those things:

1. Open Doors for Community:

We are opening our doors each weekday of the strike between 2-4pm.

 - All community members are welcome to utilize the space during this time.

 - No sessions will be conducted, but it can be utilized as a space for rest, movement, community, meditation, action, etc.

- Call scripts and other pro-Palestine & anti-colonization resources always available.

2. Weekly Breaking of Fast:

Join us Thursday for our weekly breaking of fast led and organized by Kam

 - For more information please click here.

3. Free Classes:

Head trainer, Minky, is offering our FAAFO (F*ck Around and Find Out - combat/martial arts basics) and mobility classes as a free service during the strike week.

We have 5 spots for non-members for each class

Attendees will be welcomed on a first-come first-serve basis. Please email admin@hantrainingchicago.com to be added to the class list.

Session Times


1/23 Tuesday - 1:30pm


1/21 Sunday - 11:15am

1/22 Monday - 1:30pm

1/23 Tuesday - 9am & 5:15pm

1/24 Thursday - 9am

1/25 Saturday - 9am


  • We have a no tolerance policy for any racist, zionist, anti-semitic, ableist, transphobic, and all other forms of hate speech/action. Anyone not following this policy will be asked to leave immediately.

  • Our space requires masking indoors.

We hope to provide a safe and comfortable space for folks to come to as needed throughout the week - please reach out to us at admin@hantrainingchicago.com with any questions, concerns, or accessibility requests.

Be sure to take time to reflect, rest, and recover.


Han Training


“How do I, personally, participate?”

For reference, we have listed some suggested methods below - these were collected from shared posts by Palestinian activists around the world:

  • create a list of all the things you need from the stores and acquire them before the week of the strike:

  • ie. water, milk, food, diapers, gas, any immediate need products (if you are able to source these through community and without purchase, even better)

  • avoiding economy-facing activities:

  • ie. work, school, online or in-store purchases, private transit, fast food, gas, etc.

  • reduce or completely omit the use of social media/streaming services:

  • ie. tiktok, meta (facebook, ig, etc.), spotify, netflix, etc.

  • participate in efforts surrounding a call for a ceasefire:

  • call/email/fax your representatives

  • fast for gaza 

Please note this list is not all-inclusive, and we encourage everyone to remember that there is no one way to participate in this strike.

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